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"doomstrip" project progress

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At first you may ask what is "doomstrip" ?

it is my personal reinterpretation of the DooM universe , I started months ago making this sort of short "comic strip/illustrations" on my personal doomstrip facebook page where I put "emphasys" on some moments  from the various old games.

taking inspirations from the same concepts that inspired the original games I re-invented a small universe where the "comic strip/ illustrations" are tied and connected in some way so in the future there will be a brief novel that will be added on the page .

Thanks to the "obadon" addon I also found a fast way to build some "decent" quality wad in a fast way , so when ready I will add a megawad probably for the ultimate doom (as it has episode select)  on the page with a list of suggested mods to add fun to the gameplay.

As I am alone in doing everything it will be done some day  but now every concepts and structure of the final "mod" is more clear so I have only to find time to produce what is missing.

If some one is interested I ask you to make questions about it and to move critics to this project in order to see or understand something that I could miss.





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