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Baron Pampa

Nice graphical mods recommendations

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Which graphical mods do you like to use with your source port?

Personally, I can recommend three mods for GZdoom:
SpriteShadow - Introduces shadows for the monsters. I haven't heard much of it, but I really like the nonintrusive improvement. The cacodemons are particularly good with this mod. Link: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=54992

Droplets - Famous one, improves blood. Link: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=46509

Tilt++ - View tilting when moving. Defaults are a bit aggressive, but I like the effect after tuning the settings down.

SmoothDoom is a mod I'd like to like. After using it for some time some minor annoyances got too annoying: muzzle flash looking like it's sucked inside the gun, excessive use of blood etc.
I'd also love to see a vanilla-friendly sprite improvement, but I haven't found anything better than vanilla sprites.

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Smoothdoom is my absolute go-to mod and I use it whenever possible. Tilt++ is also very nice. Other than that I always load the Doom highres sounds as well.

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I've been playing around with mods on my phone, seeing what it can do.  I've had some fun adding useless shiny stuff to give vanilla Doom some freshness.


I've made a small personal compilation with some mods from all over the place.  I want to give credit to the people who made them, but I have to dig deep and research where I picked everything up from, I apologize to anyone who sees their work here uncredited.


As a base I use DarkDoomz, it's for cranking down the light levels and adding distance fog.


I use the Low res PBR materials or plastic shaders.


I use steveflashlight for a light source, it works well as a way to highlight the PBR and Plastic Shaders.


I use a brightmap set that has glowing eyes on enemies, Scarybrightmaps.pk3.


I use liquidtextures and shaders as well as an item lights mod to make armor and health stand out and create dynamic light sources.


It's all pretty neat and I like the way it looks on my phone.  I've been replaying Ultimate Doom on HMP and UV and it's much more difficult.  I also like the way it makes you feel present in the environment.  Even though it's just slapping a fresh coat of paint on an old game I'm having fun with it.  I imagine it like Doom 3 bleeding into classic Doom.  


I made a quick video with my old Galaxy S7.


I'd really like to try a map that has more confined spaces, more realistic geometry, more dynamic lights all while using stock textures.




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