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Agent Strange

UD/D2 map remakes?

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I'm looking for wads that enhance or remake the maps found in UD and D2. I already know Sgt. Dingus Dongus made some but I'd rather not. Also gave Knee Deep in ZDoom a shot but I don't like that it adds non-vanilla monster. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hellscape and Suitcase of Gor are good quality wads but are not complete megawad replacements. Doom 2 Redux replaces all 32 maps but the map quality is varied.

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Garrulismo by spanish people might give you what you wish, so as long as you don't mind a few nazi soldiers in the salad. It isn't a remake of anything, rather a whole set of maps that looks and plays alike Doom 2, consistent quality throughout while also rough around the edges. Otherwise, if purely remakes, Flashback to Hell is a close selection, except it's not a full megawad and beyond map 11 the author changed to more personal concepts. Everything before that are remixes of the original D2 maps, and quite neat ones.


+1 for Wonderful Doom because it's really well done for what it tries to emulate. (make sure you get version 3)

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.Shameless self-promotion, but I made long ago a remake of E2M4 almost closer to original lol (Deimos Lab).


If that counts, there's also "the way ID did" and the "switcheroom" series to take a look at.


The first one is based upon the mapping design tropes of original Doom game level designers (Romero, Petersen, McGee and others), the second one is based upon a "what if" scenario where the levels changes slot from its original place (for example, E3M3 in E4M3), I think this last one is the one you may find it useful for your search purposes...


There's also Bijou Doom that remakes all Doom in a extremely limited space of 384x384 map unit size, if you are interested in it...

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