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Adding Projectile Sounds to monsters?


I'm messing around with Slade a little and figure I'd port Strife monsters into Doom, So far I've got the Acolyte, Sentinel, Crusader and Inquisitor, but one issue I'm having is the projectiles and sounds, the Sentinels projectile doesn't show up, finding the graphic for that has proven tricky, same with the Inquisitor, and the Acolyte doesn't have a death sound or sound when he fires, both of which are appropriately placed. Do I need any decorate files in place? I'm putting them in via pk3 for organization.

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For finding the sprites / graphics of actors you could take a look at the Actor's definition and find the sprite prefix:



SHT1 and POW1 are the prefixes for Sentinel projectiles.


For finding the sounds take a look at the full sndinfo.txt of strife, should help you find the sound files that are used by the actors:


acolyte/death dsagrdth


DeathSound "acolyte/death" for Acolyte so it's "dsagrdth" according to sndinfo.txt, If you have already placed them in "sounds" inside your pk3 and they still don't work try re-defining them in a new SNDINFO.


I'm assuming since the actors already work without having to re-define them and have some of their sounds working already then you don't need to re-define the projectiles or sounds either.

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Managed to fix the Sentinel and Acolyte now, thanks for that one.

Got a few monsters ported in, so far now I'm stuck on the Stalker (little spider) and the Crusader, the Stalker doesn't show up at all even with the sprites in the right folder, and the Crusader has a flame attack, that doesn't show up without the sprites and I'm having a hard time finding it even after ripping the spriteset, I did look on the wiki for the right prefix but hadn't found it.

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