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DBP15: Fuck Global Warming... This is Hell

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Holy mother of, is it getting to 18 this year?. Wow, wish my president worked this hard for the country as these awesome creators do for the Doom community. Still haven't tackled anything beyond Circle of Caina, oof. One more beauty to the list :p


BTW, third and fourth pictures are the same.

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Okay, I made it until MAP06 so far, and despite gameplay being absolutely not up my alley, I rather like the visual aspect and the strong sense of theme. Favorite map so far would probably be Glenzinho's, although I am not sure why MAPs 2-4 are before MAP05 which is rather easy.


I must, though, express my dissatisfaction with the edits made on my map without my knowledge. The edit which I requested, the removal of the Super Shotgun on UV, wasn't done, and I would have been okay with it. However, I'm not a fan of the edits that were done, such as the gases being slammed to nearly every wall (which don't make much sense in that regard - lava gases are okayish) and moving the player start near the exit of the map, which makes for a rather weird opening. 

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Friendly bump to post my UV-max playthrough. Another one under the belt, and a great hot one!

P.S. Sorry for the censored titles, YT rules so I don't get restricted to 18+.

Edited by DreadWanderer

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