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curious: detailed difference between a few ports

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we know there are three versions of vanilla doom: commercial doom/doom2 v1.9, ultimate doom and final doom, or complevel 2/3/4 respectively. the id anthology final doom or final2 for short is supposed to be most close to complevel 3.

but i am curious on two ports: id released linuxdoom source code v1.10 and dosdoom(the first port based on released source code), how in detail do they behave differently from vanilla doom , and which complevel are they most close to?

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If you're basing in reference of prboom-plus complevels, there is no equivalent to the id Anthology version of Final Doom, since that represents development after the first release (complevel 4). Chocolate Doom supports emulating that version specifically with "-gameversion final2"


Likewise, there is no complevel for Linux Doom 1.10 as it was released in source code form. There's a number of differences that were made and it's probably best reflected by the early history of Chocolate Doom if you really want to study it. Skies in Doom 1 were broken, cheat codes broken, music broken, quit messages changed. Another source would probably be the ChangeLog file that was included with the source release.

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