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My PSXDoom Map ("GEC GzDoom version) "Xibalba"

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Hello everybody!

I make this little map for PSX Doom (!!! "GEC GZDoom version" !!!). 

Xibalba MAP01


How to Run?
Just download the PSXDoom.pk3 file and overwrite the original file.




PSX DOOM "GEC" Gzdoom:






Edited by Waru

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17 minutes ago, Impboy4 said:

Is this made for the actual PSX Doom or the GEC GZDoom version?

GEC Gzdoom version. 

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There's a whole lot of unnecessary cruft in here. It basically looks like you took the entire PSXDOOM.PK3 and added your map into it, but replaced MAP01 with yours, and even all the monster definitions, ACS, palette stuff, etc. are still in here. That will be bad, because if they ever update it, your map has a very high likelihood of busting by including old resources.


Anyway, I took a play through it. Not too bad on the whole, though I did see a smattering of mistakes, such as bad pegging on doors/walls, a few untextured walls, and some texture alignment issues. Other than that, didn't seem too bad, though it also felt like color was somewhat sparingly used.


I'd love to see if this could be done on the actual PSX, but unfortunately, the map is in UDMF, and AFAIK there's not really a UDMF2WAD converter. Erick made tools to convert standard WAD-style maps to the PSX format easily, but there is no such converter for UDMF-style maps, and so I can't really test it. That said I don't THINK it would blow past any limits, but again, I've no way to check. 

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