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How to make sloped archways?


Hello, I know there is already tutorial for this from Dragonfly (https://www.dfdoom.com/tutorial-easy-way-make-sloped-archways/), but when I was following it, first I ended up with this: Not sloped archway 1, Not sloped archway 2

Then I somehow did it with sky/ceiling, which lead to this abomination: Absolutely not sloped archway 3


So, does anyone have easier guide how to do sloped archways? I'm quite new to mapping and I didn't use Action 181 before at all, so any help with in-depth explanation would be welcome. Thanks!


(I'm using GZDoom Builder (Bugfix))

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@Dragonfly's method is very clever and pretty much as easy as it gets. You're probably doing it wrong, and when you're not familiar with how action 181 works it's no surprise. Unfortunately the tutorial doesn't go into detail how to use this action.


First of all, it's important in what directions the lines are pointing. You can see that by the small perpendicular line. Flip them in a way that half of them point to the left and half of them to the right. Like this:




That's technically not necessary, but it makes it easier, since you can apply the same arguments to all lines. For a sloped ceiling you should set "Align Floor" to "None" and "Align Ceiling" to "Front". For a sloped floor set "Align Floor" to "Front" and "Align Ceiling" to "None".


Example map attached.




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