Welcome everyone to my very own thread where hopefully you will get to see my growth as a doom mapper. In this thread I plan on posting single map wads which you guys can play and give feedback on. Prior to posting this thread, I have only completed and posted one map to these forums which can be found below. As such, I though it might be cool to document my progress as a mapper, for others to see, particuarly fellow newbies. I'm hoping the thread will also provide me with motivation to keep up some level of consistent content creation and also establish a feedback loop, where I'll post a map, take feedback into account which I will then use on the next map to start the cycle again. I'm aware that it's often a mistake to commit to a whole episode (or a megawad) when you start out, so I will be focussing on small, short, single level wads until I feel a bit more confident with the whole map making process.   So below, I will post maps as I make them with relevant info and a little blurb regarding their creation. Hope you guys like them. As it's just me making and testing these things, expect some oversights and feel free to post any bugs or issues I've left in and I'll do my best to fix them.   My first ever map can be found here, in all it's primitive and unnamed glory.   Map 2 (Separare):   Map 3 (Altepetl):
Edit: I've run out of room to upload things in this post so I'll post future maps in other comments and link the posts here.   MAP 4