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Sector music/sound

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Is it possible to make a sector (or if i cross a line) play different music? Like in Doom2016. I did not found any tutorial about this.


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To follow up on what Dark Pulse said, refer to this article in the wiki.


In the example on the wiki page the script changes the music at the beginning of the boss battle, checks to see if the boss is still alive, and changes the music back when the boss is killed.


You can simplify the script for your use. It could be as straightforward as:

Script 100 (void) // Change Music
   SetMusic("NewMusic", 0);

You would assign Script 100 to the linedef that the player crosses, and flag is as repeatable or single-use only, depending on what effect you're going for. Of course, if you have custom music you'd need to define the music via a SNDINFO lump.

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