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Unhallowed precinct

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Sorry but I gotta say this map is extremely tedious, The gunners at the start aren't fun to fight, if I run out and fight them I pretty much get killed instantly so I have to wait for them to infight for a few minutes which isnt fun to wait for.


Did the elevator at the start have to be that long? I made a save before I went down and died to the arch-ville then rolled my eyes super hard at the idea of going down that long ass elevator a second time.


There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the monster placements other than "These monsters are hard to fight so I should put as many in as possible" like the hallway with 100 barons or the first big open monster arena with a million arachnos and revenants with the one archville which there's barely enough cover to hide behind.


The staircase in that arena is way too small and is a pain to climb up also why can't I go back into that room when I open the yellow door?


I got super lost at the end room with 3? cyberdemons, I found inexplicably that one piece of railing the one with the platform with 3 revenants lets me climb over, theres nothing to indicate this piece of railing is particularly different from any other and it dosent seem to lead anywhere useful unless I missed something just a pit of spectres a tele and a platform that has nothing on it but imps I ended up just giving up.


Also is it just map 32 because of the grosse music? because if so you could of downloaded that levels song as a midi and made it map 01s song in slade effectively making the wad map 01 which saves the hassel of idcleving into a specific map, also that song was awesome when you played on that small quick map in doom 2 but in this super long level where the song is short and repetitive you'll be hearing it alot which becomes grating fast


it's a super promising map and I get you probably wanted to make a hard map but theres a big fine line between challenging and obnoxious and tedious.


Also you should give more info on your wad when creating these threads instead of just the map name and a download link (Which isnt entirely necessary since doom world allows uploading files so you can upload the wad in a zip file as an attachment in your thread), you should in future reference put more info like what Iwad is used, what format the wad was made in, the map the wad uses, your thought process while making the wad prehaps, if this is your first, second, third, 556st wad etc etc maybe include a readme file with the file (Preferably called "wadname Readme.txt" so people like me who have a massive custom wad folder and just extract wads too it dont have to rename or replace it with another wads readme thats just called readme.txt)

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Thank you for you feedback. I spent many hours making this map and i don't expect everyone to like it. Constructive criticism is welcomed. I spent more time making this map than you did plying it!


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Welcome. This forum already has a prominent member commonly referred to by the initialization nih. The admins might grant you a free name change if requested, worth looking into imo! 

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