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Black Void

I should know this by now, but I dont...

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Ok - why I don't know this is beyond me (because I've been editing for about 5 years - never been that good, but 5 years is 5 years!). Anyways, look here (copy and paste the link, angelfire doesnt allow hyperlink) - angelfire.com/ga4/blackvoid/ugly.jpg

Dont mind detail, thats not an actual level - the point of it is, noticing the fact the when the stairs go up (or down) the textures dont flow right. Something to do with the X and Y offsets I assume? Help please... (and dont even ask why i dont know this yet - i just found out there was a grid 6 months ago!)

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Well, instead of playing with the y offset, you can make the ceiling the same height and align the textures to "Upper Unpegged". but if you want to keep the ceiling like that, using the offset is the only solution.

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Black Void said:

Something to do with the X and Y offsets I assume? Help please...

Indeed it has to do with the y offsets. To fix the problem simply do the following:

    1. Start from the lowermost step (you can also start from the uppermost step, but let's follow this case).
    2. Determine the riser height (i.e., how high the step is above the floor). Say it is 16 units. (I'll assume that the ceiling of that step sector rises the same amount. If the ceiling rises by a different amount than the floor, use the value of the ceiling riser.)
    3. Select the linedefs along the walls of that step.
    4. Apply a y offset of -16 to those linedefs.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach the top of the steps, adding the incremental riser heights (e.g., assuming all steps rise by 16, the next step will have a y offset of -32, the third will have an offset of -48, and so on.)
This will take care of your problem.

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Some editing programs will have built in aligning functions. At least I'm assuming it's "some" programs. I know DeePsea does.

In DeePsea, to Y align textures, select all the lines you want and press Y - done. For X alignment, select all lines, press X. If you want something fancier (eg having an initial offset, or not checking that all textures are identical) go through the menu (misc menu) where you'll find a few more options.

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