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Ice/Snowy variants of demons

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I'm making a wad and I want to make it like an Ice Hell, and I feel like Snowy/Icey variants of the demons would fit very well.

Any idea where I could find something like those???




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You could make a DECORATE file in your wad with these contents:


//========COPY STARTS HERE===============
Actor IceyPinky : Demon replaces Demon {Translation Ice}

Actor IceyImp : DoomImp replaces DoomImp {Translation Ice}

Actor IceyCacodemon : Cacodemon replaces Cacodemon {Translation Ice}

Actor IceyHellKnight : HellKnight replaces HellKnight {Translation Ice}

//========COPY ENDS HERE=================


And that would make Pinkies, Imps, Cacodemons and Hell knights have an icey color. Sorry if it's not that great, but it's something at least.

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Look on Realm667.


Also check out other ice-&-snow-themed mods. Cold as Hell, Winter's Fury, Whitemare, etc.

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