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(MODDERS NEEDED) Making a new game in doom engine

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Hey everyone, I am trying to make a Judge Dredd game, but in the style of Doom. I am new to modding, and I am trying to figure out how to make pretty much a new game. new weapons, sprites, audio clips, maps, and some new gameplay mechanics. But like i said, I'm new to it, and don't know where to start. any advice?

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Making a whole new mega wad with sprites and audio seems like a colossal undertaking for someone just starting out with doom modding/mapping, I think you should start by messing around with doom builder becoming familiar with the programs and tools and what they can do, just make crappy maps to experiment and mess around with changing the level music and some textures in SLADE for fun you don't have to publish them online!


You can theoretically do what you're hoping to achieve here with just the base doom 1 or 2 wad, you will obviously need to download a modding tool I highly suggest SLADE it allows you to redo pretty much the entire graphics and audio, I've used it to change textures and the music in my wip wads.


I think Judge Dredd is an excellent subject to make a doom wad out of  

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