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games that go WTF

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there have been a few games that made me say "what the fuck?" a new one is for PS2. i keep seeing this add for a game called 'kingdom hearts' final fantasy meets disney? personaly i hate disney, worse than microsoft, and its own power. I dont see how it would work haveing all these disney morons together in a game. personaly i think it is more of a childs game, but squaresoft has always tended to target teens and older. it just happens to be a game that makes me wonder if it is government mind control or the creation of a LSD user.
steel battaion for xbox. ok 42 button control!! humans only have like 10 fingers(we hope) and that many buttons is just plain dumb. hell why didn't they just make it for a computer or a keyboard for the xbox. that would be one hell of a bitch to remeber the keys, and would that game even use all of them(or half of them even?) on top of that an out rage of a price. i have heard the lowest to be $110 and up to $250. anyone who buys this game should be shot. if it is a much lower price and used a normal it might be a great game. i have never known any games to use over 16 buttons during normal play. example quake3-keyboard settings
4 keys for movement
2 strafe keys
1 jump
2 fire/zoom
2 look
1 center view
2 forward/reverse weapon select
that is alltogether 14, however i excluded the 1-9 because well in a console u dont have that.
game3: BMX XXX
my brother told me about this, he said it would be so cool. ok it sounds dumb. so you have nude bikers, big deal. it will, like most BMX games, have terrible animation and bad graphics ontop of repeating pop music. it is stupid they had to make the players nude to get some press coverage. plus how many stores will really sell it.
anyone who jerks off to that game should have there wank chopped off and a shotgun ramed into their ass.

is there anyother games that confuse you, or game comercials?

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That's the game that supposedly plunged video games into the dark ages, up until the NES became popular at around 1985 or so.

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Yeah, I read an article in the October EGM about the ET Atari game. They were assigned to work on it on July 21st, and it had to be ready on Sept. 10th. Programmer Scott Warshaw then spent 5 weeks programming non-stop. Don't blame him for it being such a crappy game.

For more info, go to http://www.scottw.com

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