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Question from a dumb lizard about weapon wads

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Hey, i've been trying out a doom weapon mod called gunslinger and i'm wondering how i can get it running with custom maps and stuff. Specifically with a map called ravencrypt. Using GZdoom btw

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3 hours ago, mArt1And00m3r11339 said:

I wonder if you are playing High Noon Drifter. That one has Gunslinger as a difficulty setting (equivalent to Ultra Violence).

Nah the mod's called gunslinger, not playing HND. Difficulties for this mod are Ugly, Bad, Good, and man with a .45

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1. I select several files with the SHIFT key: weapon mod and wad file, then I will transfer these files to the GZDOOM.exe

2. Use launcher (I use DML)

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3. Make .bat file. 


gzdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file gunslinger.pk3 ravencrypt.wad


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