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Damned Ruins / Moebius Calamity (speedmaps)

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These are my first attempts at speed-mapping. It is an intriguing thing to knock out a level within a time-limit. I think I will make more of these, it feels like good practice and I don't get hung up on details when I have a clock to keep me in check.


Requirements: Doom 2 vanilla compatible. No skills implemented (consider all skills as UV), pistol start, MAP01.

Tested on: PrBoom+ and Chocolate Doom.


Damned Ruins

5 hours build time. 4 minutes play time.




Moebius Calamity

2 hours build time, 5 minutes play time.








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Played the Damned Ruins one with GZDoom and freelook. Really fun short map
Only complaint i have is the WolfensteinSS , They just always look out of place

And i was expecting some harder enemies in the end but to be fair not every map needs that


I'll play the other one too but here is my Damned Ruins Gameplay video for now


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Okay played the other one too.

This is another fun short map and worth playing

For a map that is basically one room with couple monster closets the gameplay is pretty good. 
I like how the map seems to promote infighting but has enough room for it without feeling like an empty box


Here is my gameplay video. Same stuff, GZDoom and freelook . And in the end i forgot i had picked up the red key earlier


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Thanks @Matias for those two good runs - you nailed it both times.

I added the SS guys on a lark only because it is a speed-map, I won't be doing that every time. You are right about the infighting being the key to the second map. I tried making the centre stage a bit more interesting with the raising and lowering pillars, but the player can get trapped in the middle. I was glad to see you did not get trapped. I should have added more variety of monsters to make the infighting more brief.

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