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Night vision fix

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The green night vision makes the enemies bright and stand out of place.

Is there a mod with a fixed version of night vision which doesnt have this contrast?


also, I would like to make the night vision have a drawback>
such as makes the screen fuzzy/static

or makes it look like looking through binoculars

or is too bright (screen goes white) when there is a light source or fire in the room *this would be awesome

so there is a reason to not use it.

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Are you using a mod? The night vision you're describing sounds like the Alpha Doom version which was awful, it should just make everything fully bright for 30 seconds.

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Guest Unregistered account

I think there's an option for light amp goggles to act like that in GZDoom or Zandro (can't remember which), that might be the problem. Look for it in your display settings.

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