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[RC2 RELEASE] Alienated - 10 levels for GZDoom

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Looks ammmazing!! Can't wait  to two days to play it, the first screenshot is stunning:)

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I already played this a bit and did like it very much. Great architecture, with some really imposing structures. Enjoyed the encounters, too. Gotta give this a proper playthrough now.

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It was a pleasure playtesting all these maps over the last several months. They all have really impressive visual design and great architecture. Good encounters with a solid mix between smaller and some really large fights. Not full on slaughter, though (thankfully, for me). Some levels even have some really unique areas/encounters (at least to my experience) that are a treat to play! I'm looking forward to playing the completely finished version, and possibly run it co-op as well.

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This is exactly the sort of thing I'm always looking for. Shooting lots of demons in amazing looking environments that actually make great use of gzdoom features without frivolous gameplay changes.

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This looks fantastic. I downloaded the wad and will give it a playthrough later. Had a quick peak at the first level and everything is gorgeous.

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The second release is finally here! The download link has been updated. Here's the changelog:


Jumping disabled in the whole wad.


Slightly more ammo and hp at the beginning.

Fixed a softlock.


Overall difficulty slightly lowered on everything except UV.


Slightly less rockets in the green room.

Made the path to the exit a bit more visible.


General bug-fixing and difficulty balancing.


Blue key fight made easier on lower difficulties.


The swarm corridor fight made easier on lower difficulties.


- and a few other small tweaks not worth mentioning. There are still some known issues, like being allowed to skip most of the final map through rocket jumping in one area, but I decided not to do anything about that, since creating more walls around that area would make it look far worse, so I'm just gonna trust the player.


Hopefully no more major issues are found, and this will become the final version. Time will tell. For now, enjoy the wad :)



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