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Two Unofficial Packs (Videos) under Mars City Security

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I thought I start a new topic regarding two unofficial packs for Mars City Security Mod (Cooperative) if anyone interesting.  As stated on my original video post, I have the unofficial Classic Doom 3 1.3.1 running under this mod.  Right now, I have Version 2 of this unofficial pack on my personal webpage if anyone wants to take shot on this one.  This version has the keys working where you need them to access the doors.  This has been discussed on my original post.  As it now, I have a second pack on my webpage which is an unofficial cooperative map version of Trite Breeding Facility Plus if you want try that one as well.  Both pk4 (zipped files) can be retrieved from this site:  http://www.babins.org/Guy/UMCS.htm


Doom 3:  Return to Episode 1 (unofficial Classic Doom 3 1.3.1) [version 2]



Trite Breeding Facility Plus (unofficial cooperative map version)


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