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Hello guys, This is my first map from my current project, SCOURGEV-CATHARSIS (MAP01). Still dont know if im going to do a MegaWAD or five or six maps for this WAD...

Im using OTEX textures, but far from being a pro in that...


 - Its UDMF format, i tested and played it only in GZDOOM.

 - No Crouching / No Jumping / You can Overlook...i dont.

 - Uses DOOM2 IWAD

 - To play in Ultra Violence

 - There is some custom monsters.

To play this map you will need two files that are in ZIP. They are S5.WAD and OTEX.WAD




Like the example below...



I hope you guys enjoy, and of course, i want to know all the critics and flaws to fix you have to give. If you can playtest it and record it for me, it would be great.


**  Thanks **










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The first time i posted here, there was a yellow key near the yellow door. Now its the correct download, sorry about that.

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I gave this a go on HNTR using GZDoom. Not that the difficulty chosen made any difference, as you don't seem to have implemented difficulty settings. That would be my first recommendation for a fix. Particularly as the map ramps right up as it goes on and you start off attacked from many angles. Of course, it's up to you how you as to how difficult you want the map to be, but what I played felt like a reasonably tough UV, with a fair amount of health to balance out some highly damaging enemies.


First up, some technical points:


A missing lower texture here, where the floor texture is bleeding over the untextured edge.



These bars can be walked through.



This brick texture is misaligned, but doesn't open or anything, so it looks weird.



This seems to have broken in some way. I'd suggest the floor has risen when you've transformed the wider room after you return to it with the yellow key card, or with the further changes that occur after you collect the red key card. As you walk into this room, it's the first cage on the left, I believe.


Right, now onto a more qualitative feedback:

As a MAP01 in a megaWAD, this is pretty big and ramps up to pretty high difficulty. The super imps in particular were a shock, but you start fighting a lot of AVs and Revenants near the end as well. As the start to a shorter mapset this would make more sense. The custom enemy choices are pretty good, with no show stoppers like those SSG zombies from one of your earlier works. I particularly liked the "jet-pack-legged" mancubi and the rapid fire zombiemen.


I feel like your doors seemed rather thick a lot of the time and the switches that you could press were often either at an odd angle to your approach (like the one in the corridor where you see the first Revenant) or rather deep in the wall (the one that opens the door to access that corridor, for example). I don't know why, but those two details stands out as a more "beginner" thing to me than pretty much anything else.


Texturing was pretty variable, with some nice, cohesive areas and some places that didn't look so nice, but I could guess what the switches and doors were from the new textures and navigated well enough, so that's fine. The nukage maze area wasn't so easy to navigate, but I figured that was intentional, and there's plenty of radiation shielding suits to keep you safe whilst you run about.


All told, it's not bad. A bit of polish would help, but I'd understand if you'd rather keep building more maps for now. The music was great. Very "Running From Evil", but not a MIDI.

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Thanks for playing it...and ill keep all the things you said so i can do some modifications. I really dont know if im aiming for a megawad...ill see...


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Haven't played the map yet. Just wanted to let you know that your instructional video was hysterical. Pulling the files away from the launcher and then slowly bringing them back had me going. This looks neat. I'll give it a shot here shortly. 

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