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I probably should condense down the various things I'm doing into a single thread, but I wanted to get some feedback on my DoomEdit modifications I'm making for my branch. I'm porting the front end of the in game editor over to C# from MFC, and in the process fixing up the user interface. I'd like to get some feedback(good or bad), and just curious on your thoughts. 



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It's been awhile since I've used DoomED but as long as the X,Y,Z axis can be moved however the end user likes it would likely be best.

Also the color scheme, as long as the colors of the grid area can be inverted to what ever color the end user likes would also be a good thing to have.

Otherwise they may feel a bit restricted.

I like the filter options you've added or plan to add though! and the fog should be optional and probably shouldn't be on as a default.





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4 hours ago, Mr.Rocket said:

The fog should be optional and probably shouldn't be on as a default.





Couldn't agree more there. The fog was only on by default because I need to add a atmosphere control dialog, and save that stuff in the worldspawn, and pass it down to the shader, once that's done its completely controllable by the user. 


Thanks for the feedback :). 

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