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NaNoWADMo 2019 - The month-long mapping challenge (that's a wrap!)

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9 hours ago, komojo said:


I love this ceiling! This is my favorite kind of detail, simple yet distinctive.


As for me... I made 19 maps out of 30. Last year I made 3, so that's nice! It's still in the works, but if anyone wants to check out an unfinished version, here it is:


Feedback is much appreciated.


It's a vanilla-compatible megawad-wannabe with three protagonists, changing points of view (I made the story-relevant levels first, so you'll see the entire story if you play this now) and an unique gimmick on almost every level.


It seems that I haven't shared any screenshots on Doomworld yet, so here's a few:



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Right, so, I don't have my map finnished or in a decent state to share here, got caught into micro-detailing for hours and hours and made little progress on the gameplay. However, I didn't expect drawing doomcute to be so much fun. In addition I learned to make deep water and other fancy old-school stuff, so there's definitely some success. I only have to finnish a map or two, but for another time :)


Proof, unfinished parts, no brightness contrasts yet: 










Skybox and few textures found in this thread. Credits will be given whenever I release something.

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I managed to finish 16 maps this month, and I was really close to finishing a 17th one... Oh, well.

I'll be working on my project(and hopefully figure out a name for the damned thing) in November. Hoping to be done with at least the maps by the 15th.

After that, I will put difficulties in and then mess with non-gameplay stuff like TITLEPICs.

If all goes to plan, I should be done by late November.

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Never officially joined here, but I did partake in this just to see what I could do in a month (and keep the rust off while I continue procrastinating on Death in Excess). Got 32 maps out, they're extremely short and difficult though, so play at your own peril -


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Due to some unforseen events in life that consumed most of the month and getting hit by mappers block really hard by the last week, i didn't finish a single map.  

Well, shit happens, at least i got some work done. 






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My original target goal was to complete 5 maps this month, due to a combination of events this october, me being quite sick for pretty much all month and specially, me being super slow at mapping, i was only able to complete one map and start another one, i had showed the previous map before, so here's the progress on the 2nd one before the month ended






Despite not being able to complete the challenge it was fun to participate, i'll be showing more of this mapset soon.

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I'm close to completing my 11th map. I recently developed pink eye which has made it hard for me to concentrate, so I'm not going as fast as I had hoped. I might be able to get it finished if I stay up all night tonight.


EDIT: As promised, I stayed up all night to finish the WAD. I call it Extra Spicy. There's not much of a story to it. Just go out and kill some demons. It starts off rather easy but it gradually gets harder. This is the first beta. After working on this for a month straight, I think I'm gonna take a break. It was still fun to make, though, and it was a great learning experience for me. I can confidently say that I'm much better at making maps now than I was when I started the project. Anyway, here are the technical details.



Required Sourceport: ZDoom-based, GZDoom is recommended

Jumping is allowed, freelook is encouraged

New maps: MAP01-MAP11










Download link: EXTRASPICY_BETA_V01.zip

Edited by E.M.

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I alreay made a thread for the wad I made, I guess I should post a link here.


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i'll return to this to finish it at some point! congrats to everyone who finished in time

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So I had originaly started a massive map, it was the most ambitious thing I've started and go figure, it's not ready yet, Approximately halfway completed.

So I decided a week and a half ago to make something for Heretic originally as a joke but as the idea seemed sound enough I have started planing out more for the future.
A techbase Heretic map, a sort of Heresy if you will, and thus, the name.

I want make more for a full episode of "Heresy : Silicone Sorcery" with custom weapons and stuff later though I can't give a time frame.

Some notes: Made in UDMF, so it may not work in some ports besides GZDoom.
Run with the Heretic : Shadow of the Serpent Riders iwad.
Uses the Half-Life texture pack from Realm667.
The music in the map is an old thing I've yet to use for anything else.


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I had hoped to make at least a few playable maps, but in the end I only have one.

It's only about 70% done, but it's fully playable. Boom compatible port required.





The visuals are still unfinished (and so the texturing is rough in a few sections); no difficulty settings yet. Music ("Stigmatism" from Reverie) is provisional. New textures from cc4-tex, new sky by Mechadon.

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A little late on posting this, but we've come to the end of NaNoWADMo 2019! Thank you to everyone who mapped, posted here, hung out on the Discord, or even planned on mapping but never got around to it! The creative output this year was amazing and you should all be extremely proud of what you've done. If you didn't manage to do any work or came too late to get in on the fun, there's always next year. NaNo 2020 is just around the corner!


I've updated the OP with links to all the playable projects I've seen. Please help out your fellow NaNo-ers but giving their maps a play and posting feedback here or in the project thread if there is one. If you haven't posted a WIP of your WAD, I'd love for you to do so, and I'll continue to update the list as they come in.


Thanks again, everybody!

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Here are the maps that I have done, all made with a pistol start in mind. I don't really plan on making any major projects with these but I do plan on making more maps in the future.


Here are the maps in order that I made them:


Map01: The Cellar

An underground style map where you pretty much just move from room to room killing groups of demons as you go. Gets pretty slaughtery about halfway through and the final room is pretty rough.





Map02: SWAT


This was a bit of a speedmap that I made in just a few hours. The scale is larger than I wanted so it doesnt go as "fast" as I initially wanted.





Map03: Ritual

A fully fledged slaughter map. I'm pretty proud of this one as it is definitely my favorite of the three. It's also the only one to feature (non-original) custom music (a midi version of Black Sabbath's Paranoid.) It shouldn't be too difficult as long as you keep moving and avoid the fireballs.


EDIT: Forgot to mention that difficulty settings are not implemented into this map.






Well...here you go: summaps.rar


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Anybody else still at it? I have 6 maps left, and I might actually get it done this month!


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