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Mission 5 broken bridge jump

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I am having some trouble making the jump across the long broken bridge that you need to do to get to the next guardian early in the mission.  I have the double jump function and I am used to using it but for some reason my attempts to get across the gap keep coming up a little bit short.  Miy experience with double jumps in other parts of the game is that by repeated attempts your thumbs find  the exact right rhythm of forward movement and double jumping to get across the gap.  Is that the case here?

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You can commence your second jump at anytime you choose as long as your feet hasn't touched the ground.


The broken bridge is a long gap so you need to maximise the time in the air before the second jump.


Run, jump, wait a moment mid air, jump again on air and land. I advise you always hold the forward button.


Tip: When waiting to do that second jump, try observe when you are starting to drop. As soon as you are dropping downwards, use your second jump.

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