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First released Doom64 EX level

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I called it Blood Chasm Castle, dunno why I named it that other then all the blood through out.

This has been a project I've been working on since... 2013, around the time I discovered Kaiser had ported 64 into EX.

It may not be the prettiest to look at, it was a experiment on making a level and using some of the macro's the game has to offer. To boot this is my first ever released Doom level.

Has a Custom level message if you use Map04's secret to original Map29. Was an act of continuing the story of Doomguy keeping hell in check. Level can be complete able from Pistol start. Intended on higher difficulties.









If you wish to add my level to a megawad, pm me. :D


Spoiler for Easter Egg/Bug spoke of in txt:


 If you manage to by pass the linedef under the yellow key, could save some ammo since the monsters that spawn from it won't. Nor the nightmare rockets that would pound your face in.:>)


Blood Chasm Castle.zip

Edited by Mithral_Demon : DL file for the level so you dont have to hassle GoogleDrive

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Sorry if people tried to download it and it didnt work, I forget to set the settings right. So you should be able to download it via the link


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