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What would you think could have a good crossover with Doom?

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14 minutes ago, Space Marinara said:

Then throw in Ninja Turtles...

...And the Hulk and Martian Manhunter for eight-player co-op.


Call it "They're Green and Pissed."

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10 hours ago, The_SloVinator said:

I'm quite curious about that second line. How would that work?


In the vein of the many Marvel vs Capcom games.

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Doom + Sim City. Plop down teleporter stations to solve traffic congestion, and then plop down space marine barracks to handle the occasional demon invasion. Handy for the space monster disaster, too.


Doom + Master of Orion 2. Put your space marine actually into space! Plus when you think about it, Demons and Antarans are basically the same thing; they're bad guys who want to kill you just because you exist and they don't like when things exist, and to defeat them you have to research dimensional travel so that you can fight them in their own dimension.

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of course I have to say Doom 2 and Diablo 2.

But apart from that I would also like to see:

half life


warcraft 2 (there is already a game)

dungeon keeper 2


might and magic 6

heroes 2

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Doom + Red Faction Guerilla. Ultor and the UAC were competing for resources on Mars when a portal experiment went wrong and demons showed up. Both companies blame one another and the player ends up fighting the Ultor forces and the demon infestation. Play in first or 3rd person. Drive across Mars and drive over enemies. Blow the crap out of stuff including bridges and entire buildings or ram your vehicle through a barrier / wall or take your hammer to a wall to get into a secret. .





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6 hours ago, Maximum Matt said:

Grand Theft Auto Doom


"All you had to do was to shoot the Cyberdemon until it does Doomguy!"

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2 minutes ago, seed said:

"All you had to do was to shoot the Cyberdemon until it dies Doomguy!"


fixed it.

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Doom and Terraria.


Terraria features a number of "invasion" events where you fend off large amounts of monsters, and I think a Doom demon invasion would work perfectly fine in that game. It managed to get an invasion crossover from Dungeon Defenders 2, and the game already features all the themes mixed up in Doom (magic, demons, firearms, sci-fi energy weapons, teleporters, hell, space, zombies, etc.) so nothing from Doom would be out of place.

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I think a musou(dynasty warriors-like) in the doom multiverse could be pretty fun, Bethesda(ZeniMax) and Koei Tecmo do you hear me ?

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Doom and Unreal Tournament

Doom and Serious Sam

Doom and Shadow Warrior

Doom and Prey

Doom and Halflife

Doom and No One Lives Forever

Doom and Mario

Doom and Link

Doom and Megaman

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As someone who grew up with Doom and Heretic at the same time (I owned that shareware CD that contained both), I always imagined a crossover between the two. At the time I didn't know one was a sort of clone of the other and way less popular and important.

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Doom + RTS genere

Doom + Mass Effect

Doom + Eternal Darkness and Resident Evil

Doom + Alf


On 9/12/2019 at 1:56 PM, Dark Pulse said:

Doom: Tommy Wiseau Edition.


"You're ripping and tearing me apart, Lisa!"




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Mortal Kombat


Battle Chess

Mario Kart
Dungeon Keeper

Contra, but I think people want Mega Man


Edited by geo

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Combine Doom with Dune by Frank Herbert, you could just call it DUUM


The legend of lone-wolf Paul "Doomguy" Atreides and his battle to harvest the spice in the depths of Hell while fighting the Barons Harkonnen

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