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Invisible Enemy Mode

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Hi there.


I wanted to release this on Friday 13, but since Moddb.com doesn't know what means "RELEASE AT SEPTEMBER, 13", here we go right now!

This mod is heanvily inspired by NG+ Extra Mode from Resident Evil Remake (also known as Resident Evil Remastered if we're talking about PC release).


In Resident Evil all enemies became...well...invisible. You can hear them walking around or see through the reflections in mirrors. Also they're seen while attacking the hero.


I've decided to make the similar "mode" for Doom.


In my opinion, it's not enough just to add "+STEALTH" flag for every monster in decorate. Since "the gift of vision does not help" here, I've added the footstep sounds for every monster...and for the Doomguy too. Also, for extreme situations I've added the special automap in the inventory, which can show the enemies like the IDDT cheat if you enable this item. But you need some Cell charges to use this thing legally. I highly recommend to change the Automap visibility options - make it as overlay radar (like in Duke Nukem 3D) so this would be easier to play. Also, after few beta tests, I've decided to give a shotgun and a chaingun from the start.


There are 2 versions of this mod - "Light" and "Dark".


Light mod is just doing the things I've mentioned earlier. Dark mod also adds the horror atmosphere - darker locations, PSX sounds and Music by Aubrey Hodges.


I hope you'll like this. Have fun!



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But the player's footsteps sound like a lame horse weaving behind him. I thought modmakers stopped use something like that a long time ago. )

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2 hours ago, Doomenator said:

I thought modmakers stopped use something like that a long time ago. )


I don't think "the horse behind the doomguy" was the reason for that. And no, you're wrong, tovarisch, modmakers never stop doing things just because some spectator may think "it sounds bad for me"

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30 minutes ago, Đeⓧiaz said:

 "it sounds bad for me"

Mod where you must detect the enemies by hear the steps, something stomping behind from side to side. No dude, it's not sounds bad for me, it's just awful. I can give you a link to a good footsteps mod. But if you have a serious hearing defects it will not help you.

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