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Mansion Controller - my new map!

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This is my technically third completed wad if you count a troll wad I made for a streamer I watch which I'm not uploading to doom world and idgames
for obvious reasons.


This is Mansion Controller! its called that because thats the only name that really stuck out to me during development, its designed as a short 
challenging single player map.


The Iwad is DOOM 2
It was built in doom builder 2
It was made with zdoom in UDMF format
Map is 01
Music is E3M5 from doom 1
Confirmed it works in gzdoom
Map was built in roughly 7 hours



Mansion Controller.rar

Base Profile Screenshot 2019.09.13 -

Base Profile Screenshot 2019.09.13 -

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You've definitely found your feet :) I played through this taking a recording to capture my first reactions and impressions.


This video was sponsored by the Send Lawyers to Hell appeal! Playing Doom WADs to raise money for RAICES.




It's an interesting little progression of rooms - I think some of them are a bit big which can leave them looking blank, but you also use darkness to cover up the size well. I found myself struggling with ammunition throughout (but that doesn't mean everyone will). I really liked the secret which led to destroying a monster that would otherwise have made my life very difficult :)

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Hi there sorry for not posting yesterday, didn't have a ton of time. Overall the map was alright, a bit basic, but I understand it's an early map. Didn't understand why it was UDMF format, there weren't really any GZDoom specific features, but that's fine, it's your map after all. I did enjoy the flood of pinkies you can't gun down, running from battles is not usually something you do in a doom map, but it worked here. The rest of the map is a bit bland, every room is just a square and there wasn't too much of a progression due to the shortness of the thing. There is a strange difficulty spike from the first to second "half" where you go from fighting two HKs to a cyberdemon, revenants and an archvile in one room, which would be okay, if the rest of the map had a more varied bestiary. Detailing was alright could have fit in the original doom 2, however there were a few misalignments. I may have had a lot of criticism but keep at it, I'm looking forward to the improvements in your coming works.

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2 hours ago, Suitepee said:



I play this at 2:45:28 into this playtest livestream. As @bemused pointed out, that lone Baron could have been a Cyberdemon instead for more effectiveness.


Also that staircase bit was awful.

I saw your stream, the stair case is so the cyberdemon dosent immediatly get alerted as you open the door, I didnt take into account people who dont mouse look

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