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arena.wad (My first map)

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On the thread i made for my third ever map i said that sooner or later i'd upload my first ever serious attempt at a map. Now it's been nearly a month since i made the thread for Lab Infestation and here is my first working map.


The map is an arena map (Duh) surrounded by a giant lake of lava and with the exit so far away that you cannot reach it alive unless you get a radsuit.

This map was made at least 2 months ago in vanilla doom format and also includes two seperate versions one of which is a BD version that has extra BD assets to it* and the other is a CO-OP version that has both players start at the same start point as the SP version but with double the starting items for each player.


It should also be kept in mind that this was my first ever succesful map that worked properly and that it was made at a time when i didn't know to make walls out of voids** or how to make working doors*** and that now i do know how to do those things so you should consider that if you are going to criticise this map.



  • Only doom2.wad is needed (And BD for the BD version*)
  • Constant sprinting (Or turning CL_Run on) is also needed to reach the end before the radsuit runs out
  • Since the map is vanilla format any limit removing port will probably do fine





*Im pretty sure i don't need to explain this but if you want to play that version properly you'll obviously need Brutal Doom.

**However i replaced the sector walls with proper void walls in the main version of the map.

***Also if you open the .wad in a map editor and look at the edges of the lava lake you'll notice that i had put raised floor walls all around the map too for some reason despite it being unnecesary.

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It's fine, I am going to try your vanilla wad and maybe make a video on it. Seems like a light slaughter map. but not insanely difficult, just kill heaps of stuff. Can't wait to see what happens when you implement keys and what not.

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