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Good Concert

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This past saturday I went to a concert where two bands, Shadows Fall and Mushroomhead, played. Shadows Fall was ok, nothing special. But Mushroomhead was incredible. They were ammazing muscicians and put on an awesome show. The best part about the show, however, was the fact that they could use a variety of lights, backdrops, and things of that nature and at the same time keep it from seeming gimmicky or overshadowing the music. The band themselves were very cool, they signed stuff after the show, and came onto the floor during the show. Lots of interaction.

So what I'm saying is this; If you have $18 and free time some night, goto the club they're playing at and have some fun. You won't be dissapointed. They aren't a hugely popular band and attract a small crowd, which is the best part.

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They've been around for a while I've been a fan of them for about a year, never seen them in concert though. Not hugely popular and they have a unique style of music.

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