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Doom Wadsnip Hi-Res v1.0

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Introducing Doom Wadsnip Hi-Res v1.0. This is yet another neural net upscaled Doom texture pack, similar to Doom Neural Upscale 2X.


It works with the GZDoom source port and comes in three flavors:

1. Spritefixed. It includes the Doom 2 Minor Sprite Fixing Project v1.9 in the pk3.

2. SmoothDoom. It upscales sprites and textures from SmoothDoom 6/15/19. Must be stacked on top of SmoothDoom to use.

3. FreeDoom. Works with FreeDoom 0.11.3.


Each zip contains three scales: 2x, 4x, and 8x. Note that bigger is not always better, since each scale looks different in subtle ways and bigger scales take more time to load. Personally I prefer 4x scale.


Each pack works with every commercial IWAD (Doom, Doom Ultimate, Doom BFG, Doom 2, Doom 2 BFG, Final Doom).

To use just drag the pk3 (not the zip, the zip contains three pk3 files) you wish to use overtop the GZDoom executable, or use a launcher like ZDL.

I also recommend setting "Options>Display options>Texture options>Texture Filter mode>Precache GL textures>Yes", "Options>Display options>Texture options>Texture Filter mode>None", "Options>Display Options>Hardware Renderer>Adjust sprite clipping>Smarter" (or Always).


Each pack is automatically generated using the wadsnip project. Two upscalers are used, xbrzscale (pixel scaler) and waifu2x-chainer (neural net scaler). xbrzscale is used to "cut out" alpha masks for the sprites, since unlike "Doom Neural Upscale 2X" I don't do any manual work cutting things out. The result still looks pretty good, but edges of sprites can sometimes look too smoothed over.
Additionally waifu2x produces different results than the scalers used by Doom Neural Upscale. So to each his own. I suggest trying both projects and using whichever you prefer most.


See additional details and recommendations on Github.

Download from Github releases page.

If you see any problems please file an issue.


Have fun!


Here is a comparison shot. 1x,2x (side by side with Doom Neural Upscale 2X),4x,8x


p.s. I have been working on this project privately for awhile now, inspired by both wadsmoosh and Doom Neural Upscale 2X. I decided to make a release yesterday and publicize it more today, and found by weird coincidence Doom Neural Upscale 2X released an update today (Sep 13 2019). I swear I'm not trying to steal the limelight from that project. Please check out both.


Edited by kcghost : link to comparison

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Would you mind posting some screenshots maybe? I am intrigued and would love to see how the overall look and feel is. Also, I am highly intrigued by a upscaled SmoothDoom (?!?!). That sounds amazing.

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1 hour ago, NiGHTMARE said:

Why "finally"? Doom Neural Upscale has had a Smooth Doom add-on for quite some time.

Do you mean smooth weapons?

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I'm not sure how viable a fully automated system is without cleanup, but the 2X stuff looks pretty good, mostly. It's awfully "painterly" a lot of the time though.


I am impressed at how well the upscaled images maintain transparency.



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Sorry, but i can´t get it to work. When i drap doom_sprfix_hires_8x.pk3 over the GZDoom executable nothing happens, no textures were loaded. Any clue?

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Found my fault. I renamed the file. Leaving the filename in original works. 

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