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Sir Hattington

GatEs: a Windows 9x themed Doom mod: Beta version 5: The 40% done update

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GatEs: a Microsoft Windows 9x themed Doom mod
Beta version 5: The 40% done update
by Sir Hattington 8/8/2018-9/13/2019
Jumping and crouching is required.

GatEs is Doom mod where you Play as Bill Gates in a 8 level long quest (only three levels are done to fight off PC Optimization Inc. and their viruses. (maybe including somebody else...)

Story: The world has been attacked by malware! And its hitting hard, PCs are getting attacked left and right by every computer virus imaginable! And the culprit is the tech support scammers who have stolen some of Microsoft's tech, and is trying to take over the world! So you (Bill Gates) must fight these viruses, fight the tech support scammers, and restore PCs that are counting on you Bill. Cut and paste until its done...

Change log:
.Added redesigned MAP02
.Added redesigned MAP03
.More enemies
.More sprites
.More textures
.So much stuff that I can't recall it off the top of my head









GatEs Beta v5.zip

Edited by Sir Hattington : More clear title.

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