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Perpetual Crushing Floor


I am very, very sorry for asking yet another question... But I quickly ran into a problem: I am trying to make a floor that perpetually raises and lowers like a crusher, for decorative purposes, in Doom Builder X using the ZDoom Doom in UDMF format, but i can not make it work!

Don't you mind to help me?

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1 hour ago, Kappes Buur said:

Perpetual Crushing Floor, no.

Perpetual Crushing Ceiling, yes.





Even though perpetual crushing floors aren't possible out of the box, it's trivial to solve it in a script:

script "perpetual crushing floor" (int tag, int speed, int damage)
    Floor_RaiseAndCrush(tag, speed, damage);
    Floor_LowerToLowest(tag, speed);



Example WAD attached.

perpetual crushing floor.zip

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