Well, its an abandoned base with signs of hellspawn skulking about. Can't be that abandoned then, can it?    Changelog:     New Map from scratch. Replaces Map05 of Doom2. Format is UDMF with portal usage in places.  Jumping and crouching are restricted in mapinfo. Roughly 700 monsters, so its a bit chewy.  It is recommended that you use GZDoom or a similar port of Doom.   This map can be a bit chewy at times, there is a high monster count and the encounters are geared towards a higher difficulty. The map is balanced for Ultra-Violence and is clearable from pistol start. Additional difficulties will be added in the next update.  There are doors that you have to shoot to proceed. It is a touch slaughterish, but not fully so.   The water is very cold and the sky hates your existence.    With that  being said. I hope you enjoy what I've made here. This is my 7th standalone map and I hope you have fun.    Screenshots:               Download: Deserted Base.zip Version 1.3