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the only helpful Quake 1 Multiplayer written by a noob!

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only a few weeks ago (as of this typing) i sucked badly at quake 1 multiplayer. then i watched Lazy Purple's "how it FEELS" TF2 videos. then i thought to myself, "can i apply these tips to quake? i learned to play sniper properly through use of comedy in those videos. i treated the SG like a sniper rifle (by keeping the crosshair still until a player crosses it) and it seemed to work. for dealing damage. not by getting kills. i then looked up how to aim with scout on a steam forum, and somebody said to try aiming with the A and D keys. i also applied this to quake. it again, seemed to be effective for damage dealing. after playing a few matches, i started making my own strategies to not suck as much. sure enough, after quite some time has passed, i suddenly started getting good. it all started when i just took a deep breath, and zoned out. immediately afterwards, i killed someone with a rocket launcher without even thinking about it. he just came ZOOMING around the corner and in my head i went "huh. there's a guy there. i guess i'll just blow him away" and without realizing it, i got a kill. pretty soon, i realized that i was predicting where my opponents were going, and i just fired a rocket to where i thought he was going to go, and  he died. one time i even got a mid air kill by pure luck! after asking other people on the server how to not die, someone brought up armor. and timing. i listened to the armor bit, but totally ignored the timing part. that's just too much thinking for me. i eventually got good with the LG by keeping my mouse still, and strafing to land hits. it seemed to work. before i knew it, i got good. today was that day. so now, i will make a list of things you should do in quake to not suck as much.


not dying: first thing's first. AVOID COMBAT DURING SPAWN! i can not stress this one enough guys. DO NOT! i repeat. DO NOT engage in combat immediately after spawning. look for armor, weapons, megahealth, ANYTHING, before trying to kill someone. if your health gets too low, just book it, and come back later with more health, ammo, and armor.

"BUT MEMELORD!" i hear you asking. "HOW CAN I NOT DIE IF I CAN'T AIM PROPERLY!" i'll get to that very soon. for now, just focus on getting supplies before combat.


combat: what you want to do first, is take a deep breath, and stay calm. panicking will only get you killed.


aiming: ignore sensitivity for now. just set it so that it doesn't screw you over. for the LG and SSG, just keep your mouse very still (unless you're turning) and strafe to hit your opponents. i was surprised at just how effective this was. i couldn't believe my eyes. i was getting kills with the LG! for the GL, keep your crosshair still, again, and fire when your opponent lines up with your crosshair vertically. or use it for traps. the RL can be difficult to use... if you panic. if you just stay calm and have fun, you will magically start hitting people. not really. to predict your opponents moves, observe the direction he is moving. where is he going? just shoot a rocket to where you think he is going, and you will hit him. or s just spam the RL into a group of people and hope to deal damage. the rocket launcher is VERY effective at point blank range. it might as well be a melee weapon. just casually and nonchalantly move your crosshair over them, and fire away! no panic required!


it is getting late now, so i will continue tomorrow. here are some quick fire tips to hold you over.


stay calm to avoid missing as much.

keep the mouse still.

stock up on supplies before each fight.

move as much as possible.

and keep practicing.

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i'm back. let's talk about a scary thing called: CONTROLING THE ARENA! AH HA HA HA HA HA! basically, what it means is just to get supplies before someone else does. speaking of supplies, lets talk about timing armor spawns. don't worry about it. it's a waste of brain power and makes the game MUCH more complicated than it already is.


let me expand upon the aiming section.

keeping the mouse still prevents you from overshotting your shots as much. combine that with keeping calm, and you will start getting hits more often. for the SG, just pretend you're playing sniper in TF2. by keeping the crosshair still until someone pops their head out, you can get hits much easier.


but what about keybinds? what i do is just map jump to right click and cycle weapons with Q and E. Q for previous weapon and E for next weapon.


and that brings me to source ports. just use EZQuake. it keeps track of your kills, and only displays populated servers.


and now for the axe. just swing it around wildly and hope that someone is in the mood for axe dueling.


and that wraps up Quake 1 Multiplayer Tips From A Noob. if there is something you want help with, let me know! i will post more tips on demand.


remember: stay calm, and have fun.

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3 hours ago, memes4lyfe said:



but what about keybinds? what i do is just map jump to right click and cycle weapons with Q and E. Q for previous weapon and E for next weapon.


and that brings me to source ports. just use EZQuake. it keeps track of your kills, and only displays populated servers.



Welp, im still a newbie on AFPS, but it prefer to have bindigs for spefic weapons. You will have some time to tweak, if you use Q and E to cycle weapons, but when that special occasion when you need the double shotgun, or the nailgun, you will switch in the press of a eye.

My bindings for Q1 are
Q-Rocket Launcher

F-Super Nailgun




3-Super Shotgun.


G- Grenade Launcher

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Quake is one of my favorite video games by far, but I never found the multiplayer component to be all that compelling. I've always much preferred Half-Life Deathmatch and UT99 for that sort of thing. 

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I never played Q1 MP, but I did play Q3/QL a lot and a few things were crucial for me and I'd imagine for Q1 would've been similar:


-Bind jump to right click so RJs are easier.

-All weapons are binded to keys near WASD (one weapon per key).

-Disable music to hear opponent(s) location in the map easier.


A lot more things in mind but maybe they're Q3 specific. I was never big into make the game look like crap to see the enemies easier. I remember some people lowering the graphics to the point the game looked like Bubsy 3D, but I enjoyed playing the games with nice graphics even if it gave me a disadvantage. I only disabled visually annoying stuff like blood, smoke, trails, etc.

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They nuked bhops in one of the updates, that's why hldm's no longer as heavy on movement in most servers, gauss jumps are there tho. ag restores them but I think that died except for some hardcore players, though you can restore them with a server addon. either way it's more accessible the way it is now i guess. sven still has them.

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