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Weapon switching in Doom Eternal

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My biggest issue with the combat in 2016 is how utterly broken weapon quickswapping is. Basically, switching weapons overrides the reloading animation - allowing the player to do ridiculous damage by cycling Gauss > Rocket > SSG while firing a single shot with each. Here's what I mean from a 100% speedrun of the game, especially looking at any of the boss fights. It's both an annoying way to play and screws up any balance with the weapons arsenal and their mods. Is this something that will carry over to Doom Eternal and end up being the "meta" way to play at the highest difficulty?

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I really liked that aspect, it makes the game more frenetic. I wouldn't slow down the speed of switching, instead I'd make the highest difficulty harder, so even with that quickswapping it'd be a challenge.

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The speed of the switching is fine. It's stuff like completely bypassing the reload animation of the SSG which creates the imbalance and feels like an exploit.

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