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I made it with pablodraw and downloaded XVI32, but now I don't know what I should do, yeah I read tutorial of doomworld. But I don't understand what I must delete.

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I'm not as familiar with Slade but you should be able to import the bin file.

First, backup your wad, to play it safe!


You may need to click on the graphics Icon in Slade before importing.

from that point the ENDOOM ANSI should be in your wad..




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12 hours ago, Mr.Rocket said:

You may need to click on the graphics Icon in Slade.




Exactly what do you mean by that?

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After headaches, I downloaded an older version of pablo draw and worked me. Thanks doomers by help (not being sarcastic)

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If you ever need to edit your finished ENDOOM again due to garbled graphics or whatever, the End Screen editor that comes with WDC is also great at making ENDOOM lumps, since they're the same format as the ones used in Wolf3D.

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That's good to know Doomkid.

I actually went to the trouble of putting a ENDOOM in Mega5 some years ago.

it was mostly just for kicks, being a DM wad an all, but it contains one. :P


I think I used Inkworks maybe and Pablo, and Xwe to insert it. 

There's also some BBS software out there if I recall, one called Mystic ? , and there was another.. to create some ANSI stuff.

The ENDOOM was in some certain dimensions though I think. 300x200?

I remember that ANSI stuff can get booger'd up rather easy though..

Edited by Mr.Rocket

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