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Caffeine Freak

Distillery partners with Bethesda to release Doom Vodka

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Rebel Distillers has partnered with Bethesda Softworks to create Doom Bone Vodka, a limited edition spirit that celebrates the upcoming release of video game Doom Eternal.


Inspired by the video game, which centres around Earth’s demonic invasion, the wheat-based vodka is made using high-quality and ethically sourced beef bones from London butchers The Ginger Pig.


Once the bones have been roasted and smoked, the marrow is extracted and macerated in neutral grain alcohol. The spirit is distilled at a very low temperature in a vacuum still to extract the “best flavour”.


Doom Bone Vodka has a “dry, earthy start on the palate, with umami and buttery feel on the tongue, rounding off with a smoky and peppery finish.”



Sounds intriguing. Always been a vodka drinker myself. Unfortunately, it won't be available in the US, from what I gather.

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Ah, so it's an official thing. Was wondering about that.

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I wonder about the flavour. I've heard a while back that (raw) bone marrow actually goes really well with the taste of alcohol, it was in a video where someone split open a bone and let some liquor run down the bonemarrow into his mouth. Some weeeeeeeeeeeird shit.

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Knowing how Bethesda handle their marchendise, especially after witnessing their Fallout Nuka Dark Rum, it will be a very, VERY cheap milking of the fans.




I wouldn't even be surprised if the bottle is made of thin plastic.

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