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Naked Snake

Don's notebook

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(bbg talking here) This is a little blurb about Don's adventure (some items/weapons/monsters do not appear in Don's Challenge). Stay tuned for Don's Challenge 6 (and maybe even 7) (end bbg's talk)

I came across a lot of different weapons during my "challenge" and a lot of different monsters too. I will explain some of the goodies I happened accross during my journey.


Boy oh boy did I get some goodies while I fought. These babies helped me survive.

My fists - my fists were my last resort. Luckily, I happened accross some Brass Knuckles which made my fists a hell of a lot stronger. They didn't make noise so if I wanted to kill something and not alert everything, I could have just beat the shit out of whatever I wanted dead.

A Machette - a bigass blade. Sharp as hell, silent and deadly. I could swing it pretty fast too.

.357 Magnum - a rusty old piece of shit, but still, it was better than nothing. Held 6 rounds and had a decent rate of fire too.

9mm Pistol - faster than the .357 and a bigger clipsize too! It held 15 rounds and was pretty accurate to boot!

12 Gauge Hunting Shotgun - this wood trimmed shotgun held 6 rounds and had a strap. It had a pump action and I could fire two quick bursts from it too.

Double Barrel Shotgun - sawwed off, big spread. I could fire it one barrel at a time or just fire off both barrels in quick sucession. It had to be reloaded when both barrels were empty. The power made up for its slow reload.

Dual Pistols - these light pistols, made in some European country. Not only were they light they were fast and accurate too. Not only that but they had to be reloaded after 16 shots (32 total). A prime choice for taking out a room full of baddies.

Grenade Launcher - now I have never seen ANYTHING like this Grenade Launcher before. It must have been a new type. It was a pump action Grenade Launcher! It held 6 explosive shells. The rounds didn't bounce, they just exploded on contact with something. A very fine weapon, if I say so myself.

Rifle with Bayonet - one of my favorites. It held 45 rounds, was very very accurate and had a bayonet. The bayonet was nice too because it allowed for silent killing. Add to the fact that it had an excellent rate of fire and you've got yourself a fine fuckin' weapon my friend.

Bug Spray - now this was a pretty odd weapon. The spray itself was acidic, so if I sprayed something with it, it got melted pretty good. It had a nice windproof, non-corrosive lighter attached to the nozzle. If I started the lighter and sprayed the spray would set on fire. Pretty handy when I needed to make something burn.

Lighter - it wasn't really a weapon, but it did let me light up dark rooms. It was just like the one attached to the bug spray.

Booze and smokes - once again, not really weapons. The booze made me feel better and I was less resistant to pain. The smokes just helped me calm my cravings.

Chainsaw - a pullstring gas powered Chainsaw, the blade covered in blood. Slice n' dice baby.

Pentagram Box - I dunno what the fuck this is but all I know is that when I opened it, many ghosts flew forth and tore Mortis to shreds.

The monsters

These were all the stood in my way to win the challenge. They were pretty tough but pretty stupid too.

Decaying Zombies - they just mindlessly walked towards me, trying to bite me. It took a lot of punishment to put them down.

Zombies - they either had a rifle, a shotgun, a double barrel shotgun or an assault rifle. Pretty stupid but still dangerous in groups.

Demons and Spectres - the Demons were pink and transluecent. Hard to spot. Spectres are like demons but they were sorta fuzzed out, not transluecent. Both were tough and fast.

Souls - came in 2 flavors. One kind divebombed me and the other kind had a telepathic attack of some sorts. Pretty mean little bastards.

Mortis - she seemed to be a woman but she turned out to be an Archdemon! She turned into one when I fought her. She spewed a wall of fire at me!

Items and goodies!

These things helped keep me alive as I ran through the N.A.C. facility.

Medication - these things did wonders. Packed full of good stuff like a universal anti-virus/anti-bacterial agent, painkillers, adrenaline and all that good stuff. Kept me on my toes when I needed a boost.

Medkits - they contained a lot more good shit than the medication packs did. With a medkit, you're like a one man doctor...sorta.

Large Medkits - ooh baby, a rare find. Excellent shit in here, made me feel like a brand new man!

Anti-toxin Suits - they helped protect me from the deadly ooze laying in pools around the N.A.C. facility.

Night Vision Goggles - they lit up dark rooms for me when I couldn't see. A handy find because nobody wants to die in the dark.

Speed - OH...MY...GOD. I love this stuff man! Not only did it make my punches super strong, it made me immune to pain and just made me a deadly son of a bitch.

Security Armor - just a simple vest that gave me protection.

Combat Suit - came with a helmet, a better vest, protection for my legs and better boots. The ultimate protection.

Bandolears, belts and backpacks - they helped me carry more ammo for my weaponry. Pretty handy indeed!

Keycards and other things to unlock doors - the keycards came in 3 colors. Red, yellow and blue. They unlocked certain security doors for me. A crowbar helped me pry open a door and there was a security diskette that unlocked all the doors and gave me access to the emergency security exit.

Other crap

Just some other crap

Me - My name is Don Tellio, I'm 48 years old and I served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam where I did 2 tours of duty. After that I became a narcotics cop, busting up drug rings for a living. I served for many years until I quit to become a private investigator. I have a wife, Mona, a son, Bryant and a daughter, Amy.

N.A.C. - I discovered that the weapons company, National Arms Corporation is a subsidiary of the Union Aerospace Corporation.

So there you go. All the info I have to offer. Hope you enjoyed my information.

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Don's sentence structure makes him sound very excited, and I'm not sure his spelling is entirely accurate at times. I bet BBG could teach him a thing or two...


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Ultraviolet said:

Don's sentence structure makes him sound very excited, and I'm not sure his spelling is entirely accurate at times. I bet BBG could teach him a thing or two...


Don payed attention in school but how much? Only he knows.

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bigbadgangsta said:
.357 Magnum - a rusty old piece of shit, but still, it was better than nothing. Held 6 rounds and had a decent rate of fire too.

What?! I'd say that one of the best weapons in the whole dang mod! there's something delightfully sweet about pushing this fudda muckka into the forehead of a zombie man and putting him on his arse in one clean shot.

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