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Mad Dal 85

Trouble with custom textures and other things for custom wads

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Hello everyone. I'm new to the site but no stranger to Doom as I have been playing it since summer of '94. I'm currently trying to create my own wad using custom textures and other things I downloaded from Realm667. The problem I am having is that the textures seem to resize all by their selves, and not every item, monster, weapon, ect. has a "type" number/code so they don't seem to show up on Doom/GZDoom Builder. Any help or advice to solve these problems would be much appreciated. I'm new to all this wad/mod creation. I've already looked online and YouTube and still nothing helps one bit. :( 

PS. I'm using Slade 3 to add things to the wad and using GZDoom Builder to create the maps. 

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Show me how your slade window looks like, tell what format you're targeting or even post wad for investigation. 

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The "Texture resizing" thing may be hires textures you're using? That's my best guess without more detail or images.


As for the ED numbers being missing, check the ACTOR part near the start of an enemy's script.


If it looks like this for example:


ACTOR SuperSoldier


    *insert codey bits here*



then simply add an ED number after the actor's name. Typically I start with 15000 as that's a good safe zone and gives you a lot of room in terms of ED numbers to work with. :)

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This is what my Slade 3 window looks like. Format? Sorry, I'm new to the whole creating maps and wads so not up on the whole jargon thing. 


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Here's a few screenshots of the issue with the textures getting resized by their selves. And the codes for the monsters, items, ect. 

First up, textures. That green texture is originally 16x128 but it's changes to 64x64 for some unexplained reason. 

Secondly, the monsters and items. If you look at Agaures, it has a five digit code/number after it and it shows up in the builders allowing me to use that monster in maps. But if you look at the DoomDoll, it has no digit code/number and doesn't show on the builder so I can't use it in maps. What is that all about?




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It appears that B_LITE04 has a transparent area which will show up as black on onesided linedefs.


For GZDB to use DECORATE actors they must have a DoomED number.

Use a number which is not already used by any other actor. As already mentioned, 15000 and up would be ok.


As for the texture resizing, tell us which texture pack you are using.


Edited by Kappes Buur

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Are you sure you didn't somehow convert the B_LITE04 texture into a flat?


For the DoomDoll, like Dynamite said, it's because it does not have an editor number associated to it. You'll have to give it one on your own. It's  that number that lets the editor place it in the map (things are actually written just as their number; the editor doesn't place an "Agaures" it places a "18989", but it shows "Agaures" to make it easier for the mapper).

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Anyone come across this error and how to fix it? The 40mm Grenade Launcher shows up on the editor but when I go to test play it, I get this. And here's what's going on the the Decorate file with 40mm GL. 



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1 hour ago, Gez said:

Your actor needs to inherit from Inventory, and also from Weapon, so change the first line to

Actor 40mmGrenadeLauncher : Weapon 5566






I don't understand any of that. I'm new to all this. I used the original line but nothing happens. So I changed it and it's just errors. All the other weapons I've added all work fine but the 40mm Grenade Launcher is a nightmare and I want it as well as the Rocket Launcher. So I just need to know how to get the GL added without replacing the RL.

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Right, changed it to what you said, Gez, but now I'm getting...


Script error, "Untitled.wad:DECORATE" line 14654: Unexpected '20' in definition of '40mmGrenadeLauncherBox' 


And the line looks like this...


14654 ACTOR 40mmGrenadeBox : 5568

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Same issue, ammunitions are inventory items too. This time you've got to inherit from Ammo.

ACTOR 40mmGrenadeBox : Ammo 5568 

The : is there to introduce the parent class, and tell the game that it inherits from something. Actor GrenadeBox : Ammo reads as "here's a new actor, it's called GrenadeBox, and it's a type of ammo".

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