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Starman the Blaziken

That map 30 music though (Yeah this is my thoughts on it)

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I am sure being on the Discord server talking about it already, I want to put up my opinion about it here too.
Though some changes where made while I was playing other things before looking at the latest build for FreeDoom, I am not exactly happy about the change to map 30's theme. Apart from being like the only FreeDoom Phasetato 2 song I constantly put on because I enjoy the upbeat track as it fits the level more than Doom's map 30 which is guitar and clock sounds, I rather have map 30 have it's old track since it just sounds better than throwing a chorus, a guitar, and that other instrument thingy.

Basically what I am saying is that the new track makes it feel upbeat but standing at an odd angle just because of the changes especially with the addition chorus, while the old one is just upbeat with the MIDstruments it had because they fit together and sounds more harmonious. As much as I would *like* to see if it does come back, I just feel like the first word that came to mind and I stuck to it is that the map 30's theme now has gotten the *ugly*

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