I always wanted to do this (2).         Parallels is a single limit-removing map for Doom II, designed in around five days, which will feature in a future set most probably. It started as an urge to make a 30-minute speedmap but quickly grew into a way more ambitious idea with concepts that everyone should be familiar with at this time. Gameplay is about close quarters and awareness of space (and visibility!), with generally simplistic geometry and careful detailing so there's atmosphere too. Inspiration would be mouldy's megawad Going Down, if that gives you a broad idea, and also THT: Threnody for one specific reason (see if you find it :P). I'm honestly quite happy with the results, specially for being my first completed serious solo map out of nothing previously planned, in a long-term. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I did making it (:   Of course, feedback of any kind is very welcomed. I tested in Crispy Doom and PRBoom+ cl2, so make sure to use one of those, but I doubt there would be any issues in other ports except maybe chocolate.   An important tip!!, make sure to disable the intercept overflow bug in prb+ because while testing the map it presented in multiple occasions and it was annoying.   Skills are implemented, btw.     Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kvo2xsolduz5wrj/parallels1.2.zip?dl=1     Zip contains a text file with info and credits, plus a demo to show I beat it saveless on UV without secrets (nope), though that doesn't mean I didn't die a lot before. If it desyncs is because I recorded it before editing a couple minor touches, but it shouldn't, I guess.