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Smooth Doom: Brightmapped Edition

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This is a version of Smooth Doom which includes brightmaps for enemies, weapons, items and textures. It also has some minor changes detailed below.


At this point in time, it only includes brightmaps for the vanilla content (i.e. no support for Doom 64 stuff and variants), but this might change in the future.




  • All weapons now have the appropriate icon for the alternate HUD.
  • Weapons now leave the appropriate decals.
  • Hell nobles and Cacodemons no longer drop red blood upon gibbing.
  • Hell nobles and Cacodemons no longer bleed in two different shades of the same color.
  • Added support for stealth monsters.
  • Got rid of some translucent pixels in a few sprites.



Misc changes (which you might or might not like):


  • Gibs will no longer spawn during gibbing animations. The shower of blood is still there.
  • The color saturation of most dynamic lights has been lowered to match the values in GZDoom's lights.pk3.
  • The Berserk powerup will no longer make the player auto switch to the fist on pickup.



































  • Gifty for Smooth Doom (see full list in Credits.txt)
  • NightFright for Brightmaps Plus
  • TheUnbeholden for the texture brightmaps (if anyone has direct contact with him, please tell him someone (me) is bundling his brightmaps with something else. I PM'd him to ask for permission, but he is unlikely to respond if his "last visited" date is any indication.)

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Nice looking work! I have had a tricky time getting a lot of responses when trying to get permission to use assets; it's prolly just more efficient to credit.

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Just registered to say thanks a lot, finally Smooth Doom with bright maps. This will be in the autoload section for the foreseeable future.


I hope you continue working on this, I'd love to see bright maps for the variant monster skins.

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