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Captain Red

More of my smegging Zdoom dehacked questions...

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Four this time:

Firstly, is there a way to make the super shotgun fire only one shot in it’s default weapon slot (i.e. not moving the Super shotgun frames to another weapon slot)?

Secondly, is there a way to make the rail trail invisible?

Third, How much damage dose the player railgun do?

And finally can the player railgun damage be adjusted?

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1. code pointers.
2. dunno.
3. see above answer.
4. see above answer again.

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1. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but in the latest Zdoom versions, it is possible to specify how much ammo a weapon uses per shot, and how much ammo you need before you can fire the weapon.

ie You know that the BFG uses 40 cells per shot and you cannot fire it with less? You can set that kind of behaviour for any weapon, at any value.


Weapon 8 (Super Shotgun)
Ammo use = 1
min ammo = 20

the above would make the SSG use 1 ammo per firing, but only allow you to use the SSG if you had 20 shells in your inventory.

2. Don't think so.

3. I found a few references in the code, but didn't understand them. This could be relevant:

damage = deathmatch ? 100 : 150;

A random value from 100 to 150? Something to do with the value being different in DM games? I dunno.

4. Player Rail damage cannot be adjusted. Monster rail damage can by setting the missile damage value for the actor firing the weapon.

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the "deathmatch ? 100 : 150" is a terniary operator. It's the same as going "if (deathmatch) { 100 } else { 150 }". So it's 100 damage in deathmatch and 150 otherwise.

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