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Planing on marathoning this weekend

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Which game should I play out of doom 1, 2, and plutonia. Also how long would one take?

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Definitely Plutonia. I don't know your skill level, but it's pretty damn rough.  

Last time I did it, took me a few weeks on and off, but that's mainly because I suck

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Doom 1 : 1-2 hours if you played it already.

Doom 2 : Same, more if you don't do it using saves mid maps or pistol starts. (probably a lot of deaths in the last 10 maps)

Plutonia or Evilution : 3+ hours if you don't know the maps. easily +5 if you get lost or killed a lot.


Of course all of these depend on difficulty and how you play. Do pistol starts if you want it to take the longest possible. Continuous or mid-map saves if you just want to blast through as soon as possible.

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7 minutes ago, NerdyButLazy said:

What's the goal here? Are you trying to get better or just save scum your way through some Doom WADs? I'm genuinely curious.

I'm not doing a professional play through, I'm just wanting to play some doom for a long time.

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