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Viddump help

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So after I have downloaded the required programs and changed the config in PrBoom+. I then:


1.) Use the batch file I made with the command line: PrBoom-plus -complevel 3 -iwad Doom.wad -warp 1 1 -record e1m1_nomo -skill 4 -levelstat -nomonsters

and I do a run of e1m1 and finish with a time of 9 seconds and I stop recording the demo.


2.) There’s now the lmp file of the demo I just made and I can click on it and watch it back.


3.) Next I created another batch file with the viddump parameters in it that I was told to use. Do I just click on the batch file and it will encode the specific e1m1 demo I just made? Or do I need to do something else?

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