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Steele Computer Lab [my first WAD]

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Hi there. This is my first post, so I guess this counts as an introductory thread. This is my first serious project that I completed. Everything I made previously were test maps. This WAD replaces the first three maps of Doom 2. It has variable difficulty levels and each map can be pistol-started.


  • A ZDoom-based source port is required. GZDoom is recommended.
  • Tested with GZDoom 4.1.3.
  • Jumping is required if you want to get all the secrets.
  • Difficulty is around the medium range, although the third level can get pretty intense if you're playing on Ultraviolence.


Download link: STEELECO.zip

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Did a playthrough of the wad.


I'm going to keep this short, because I'm super tired/shitty after work (And if my sparse comments in the video sound acerbic, it's because of that. Sorry). Liked the architecture, although there were a few things that needed work (Mostly in terms of monsters being unable to traverse stairs, meaning you can just stand back and shoot).


Way too much ammo. I ended up indiscriminately using the SSG because hey, why not.


The combat tended to go from 0 to 100 in an instant. One moment I'm shotgunning demons, the next I've got a triple spawn of arch-viles.


I enjoyed it though, good job.

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Pretty good stuff


This has higher monster density than wads i usually like but had lot of fun playing this 

At first i tried to conserve ammo but i quickly realised that was completely unnecessary

And all the areas look and play really well, always enough room and cover and none of the fights felt unfair

Nothing to really complain, except maybe the amount of ammo and health but that can be used to promote more reckless run&gun type of gameplay so you might wanna pay attention to that in your future projects 


I also used m8f's IDCLEVer Starter for forced pistol starts


Here is my gameplay video


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A fairly well designed set of levels. It's short so there's not a whole lot going on but for what there is, I do like it!


The designs here are quite nice. Map 01 has a mechanical tech base feel, MAP 02 goes with a more industrial tech base style and MAP 03 is the caves of hell I'm guessing?

Ammo here is fairly high and health isn't all that hard to find. (rarely did I feel like I was about to die). Armour is somewhat harder to find but even then I don't think I had low armour most of the time (some of the revenants however did get a few cheeky shots in (As they do :X)).


The only problem I had is The third map seems to really rely on the BFG a lot to finish it, especially when getting the blue/yellow keys.


What more can I say? This is fairly well done!



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Thanks for the feedback. I do admit that I was awfully generous with the health and ammo. When I played other WADs, I had the problem of not being able to find enough resources to keep myself alive, but I guess I went in the opposite direction. I'll try to balance it better in future maps I make.

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Here's my playthrough of each map:










Overall, this was a very fun little map set. Impressive for your first wad. I'll have to echo a few of the other commentators here about the ammo situation, but I didn't really mind it. If you wanted to make the maps more challenging you could definitely take a fair bit of ammo out. Not complaining, mind you, just making mention of it. The videos are commentated, so all of my initial thoughts and reactions can be found there. Hope they prove useful to you. Thanks for sharing the maps! Had a great time playing them and definitely looking forward to more from you in the future.

Edited by kknot5889 : Figuring out how spoiler tags work

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Very cool maps.  On the easier side, but they're very fun to blast through.  


Noticed a missing texture at the berserk secret in map 02 though.  Didn't get all the secrets in map 01 or 03 tho so check those.  


Great work for a first release.  Keep it up!

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