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(WIP) New Wad Colliding Reality's

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Hey everyone 

So I've decided to go Live with my Project I've Been working on, Colliding Reality's Is a 32 Level Mega WAD Made in GzDoom Builder in UDMF

The Style of the Wad will be Heavily Inspired From The Wolfenstein Games 

here's what to expect! 


Huge Open Levels that Can Optionally Be explored 

Custom Music 

Custom Monsters 

Vanilla Possessed Humans will have New Sprites 

Vanilla Weapons will have New Sprites 

Custom Textures 

New Textures 

Environmental Story telling

and much more!


Screen shots Below Of Map 1 :) 

Map 2 is still in development! 

Image 45.jpg

image 1.png

image 2.png

image 3.png

image 5.png

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