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Lost a bet = Make a wad. (Overhauled and Updated.) (W.I.P)

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I don't know what were we thinking when a friend and I decided to make a bet with such a topic. To top it off, each loss in our game resulted in further conditions being added, which resulted in one hell of an endeavor for me. (Keep in mind I have never touched any doom-related editing tools/engines.)

In the end, I lost and the conditions were set in stone as follows:-


1) Make a megawad.

2) Difficulty raising with each level without it becoming a slaughterfest.

3) Each map must "feel" different and not "repetitive."

4) Hybrid theme of old-school maps and new.

5) At least simple tinkering with slade and scripts.

6) Absolutely no editing earlier maps when you finished them. (Humiliation bonus.)  Condition revoked.


I was only able to do 13 maps, before I ran out of ideas and my friend complied.


Port: Tested in Zdoom. (Doombuilder, Doom in Hexen format.)

IWAD: Doom2.

Maps: 13. (Final goal 15)

Difficulty: The first 5 maps are kind of a joke. (In terms of map design.) However, the monster placement is tricky. I would say it's brutal in the later maps and I would advise using your ammo carefully.

Credits: Skypack textures are from skieseye.wad.


Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vb4obw41lghls8m/Insufferable_v1.1.wad/file










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"Batsu Game" would've been a more appropriate name, but I digress.


Looks decently worth checking out, especially for that sweet schadenfreude.

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I can tell people were turned off immediately due to the first few maps, which is a fair point. Therefore, a complete overhaul will be made on the first 5 maps when I'm done finishing the later maps.


Final goal will be a 20-map wad.

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Major Update:-


This fixes most of the problems and the starting maps are now more tolerable to the eye.




- Added more weapons, ammo and health. Pistol starting all of the maps is now possible. (Some are still hard tho.)

- The first 4 maps got updated without messing too much with the gameplay. (I like their simplicity.)

- Map 04 should be easier to navigate now.

- Removed the unnecessary switches in map 05.

- Fixed map 07's skybox and added more mountain scenery.

- Fixed map 08's scripts.

- Removed map 12's ... uhh.... unfair sequence.

- Map 14 added.


That being said, I feel I should address a couple of things first. This wad doesn't really have a category, by that I mean the maps are different from each other in terms of gameplay. Some are very simple, others are very hectic/active and some are non-linear. (Check @HAK3180 playthrough.)


If you want to skip some maps because you don't like that category or need more context, the following will be a summary of each map.


Map List:-



Map 01 - Simple gameplay, nothing special. 

Map 02 - Simple gameplay, nothing special.

Map 03 - Simple gameplay, nothing special.

Map 04 - You will either find this fun or annoying.

Map 05 - A step up from the simplicity.

Map 06 - Slow-paced.

Map 07 - Navigation is a bit confusing, but very active gameplay.

Map 08 - Speedrun or 100%.

Map 09 - Ammo/Health gimmick.

Map 10 - Tight ammo, active gameplay.

Map 11 - Swarm gameplay.

Map 12 - Non-linear and swarm gameplay.

Map 13 - Non-linear, tight ammo and active gameplay.

Map 14 - Don't want to spoil this one.


This leaves maps 15 - 20. Map 15 is probably gonna be a city theme, and the rest will be Hell themed. Hopefully, they will be near map 14's quality or at the very least map 13.


Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vb4obw41lghls8m/Insufferable_v1.1.wad/file

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Well, that's the fastest mistake in history. Map 01's file was corrupted and therefore the level is a blend of the old one and the new one. R.I.P. (Will try to fix asap.) 



Screenshots for the overhauled maps:-





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Just a small tease for what's coming soon. (No promises when tho, this map wasn't supposed to be a full blown city map.)








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Unfortunately, I will not be able to make 20 maps. There are a few reasons as to why though.


1) I'm burned out... And I'm talking about the bad one. As in you stare at a square sector for an hour unable to decide the textures.

2) Map 15 is the biggest and most ambitious map I am working on so far. If you're curious as to know "How big is your big?" This spoiler shows you about 40% of the map and my work so far. 




3) I want to end the wad at a high note. Because, to be honest, I just don't see myself doing something better than this at my current mapping skills. The hell maps will just feel like filler and will leave a bad taste as a finale.


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