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Attempting to make cartoony models


I want to experiment with different model ideas I had for DooM and one of them involved models having a "black outline" around them, like a cartoon. Any idea how I'm meant to do this using .md2 or .md3? So far I've managed to get the look I want in blender:




However when trying to translate this into DooM the external "normals" are still being rendered, regardless of the fact I flipped the normals to face inwards.


ZDooM Wiki did mention a "DONTCULLBACKFACES" feature but this seems to not do anything at all.



Any ideas?

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DONTCULLBACKFACES only works on non-opaque actors, also flipping a model's faces does not display properly in GZdoom for some reason. You could try to use a shader to generate the outlines in game, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

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I've found a temporary solution by simply forcing the actor models to use a "Render-style translucent" in the actor flags. Not sure if this is any less laggy but it does at least pull off the effect I want.

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